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What is exactly tarology ?

Tarology is an increasingly popular method of divination. It owes its success to its simplicity and the accuracy of its results. But what is tarology really, what makes it different from other divinatory arts? Read more about tarot card reading.

Read and Understand Cards Differently With Tarot

Tarot is a discipline that is based on reading cards. It is therefore part of the cartomancy. Nevertheless, the tarologists wish to specify that it is very different from other cartomancy. The tarot is more precise and rational than the other divinatory arts.

tarot reading is a way to consult the experts without paying a fee. You will be able to know more about your future, about the unfortunate or happy events that will happen to you by consulting a tarologist. However, there are several types of tarot. It often depends on the culture (European or Indian tarot). But the most popular tarot is undoubtedly the tarot of Marseille.

Composition of a tarot game

Most tarots are made up of 78 blades in arcana. Arcana are the names of the cards. There are 22 major and 56 minors. Among this arcana have mentioned: I The Bateleur, II The Pope, III The Empress, IV The Emperor, XXI The World, 0 The Madman, etc.

How does tarot reading work?

The Tarot consists of a card draw. Once the cards are drawn, the card reader can then interpret the result according to the cards. One of the most common draws is the cross print. It consists of placing four cards forming a cross (one card at the top, one card at the bottom, one on the right and one on the left). Each of the positions represents a situation, an event. The light can then answer questions based on the cards drawn.

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