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The third sign of the zodiac

It is a mutable sign, the third sign of the zodiac and the first sign of air. It is a double and bipolar sign. It will be called the hermaphrodite of the zodiac. This is the sign in which the first two confront one another in order to create harmony. This duality is at the origin of the symbol which represents the sign. The will of the ram acting by the desire of the bull in the matter allows the gemini to be born with a beginning of consciousness.

Gemini are transmitters

Unlike receptive bulls, gemini are emitters. They act by the logos. Air is the link between the world and man. Gemini seeks to understand and explain. Thus, the mind is primordial in Gemini and the language that also translates it. As liaisons, they move from one point to another physically, unless, as we have seen, they move the world through their formulas. They like words, play with them, they like to play games. Mathematical language, languages, writing, any form of hieroglyphics do not resist them. The other is the double, so they consider him equal with themselves, loving or friendly, the other is above all the other piece. They are comfortable with both sexes. As aerial beings, they seem to slip between the fingers, always on the move, busy with a thousand and one elucidations that their mind explores and it explores almost everything.

The Gemini fits

They adapt with great flexibility to others. They adapt to places and people and become excellent messengers or sales agents. They have the bagou to help them and above all, they need to exchange words or merchandise, it's about the same thing as long as it circulates. By displacement, they are thought to be unstable. They do not have the time to be faithful nor to engage because not the desire to become attached. To become attached would be to force them to choose when the world abounds with attractions by its diversity. They are not necessarily unfaithful yet, but we must not expect exclusivity from them.

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